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MedFIT has now joined Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.
The same great staff, only the name has changed. Come see.

MedFIT is a resource for multidisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation. In addition to effective workers’ compensation rehabilitation management, we’re a resource for WorkSTEPS®, a national functional capability testing program for employers.
Our extended hours and a convenient location in Irmo make wellness and employer testing comfortably close throughout the Midlands of South Carolina.


Since including a work simulation component with the WorkSTEPS pre-employment/post-offer physical program, DOT has reduced their lost workday incidents by 83 percent and reduced their workers' compensation costs by millions of dollars.–MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION

We find that WorkSTEPS services are essentially the best tool that we have for controlling claims. In the case of one school district, before utilizing WorkSTEPS, the experience mod of that district was 162%. At the present time their experience mod is 104%. By using WorkSTEPS on pre-employment of classified employees we have been able to nearly eliminate potential back problems, leg problems, shoulder problems, and other areas of the muscular skeletal system before we hired these people. This included maintenance, operations and transportation, as well as food service employees. As far as post injury is concerned, after the doctors release the injured person with either work or non-work related injuries, we have been utilizing the WorkSTEPS program to determine the fitness of the person returning to their particular job. We have found this to be very successful.–STATE RISK MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY

As a result of this accident prevention program, along with other loss prevention efforts and the strong efforts of HSE management, we have reduced the internal composite workers’ compensation accrual rate by 45%, from $2.77 to the current $1.52 per hundred $’s of payroll. Accident frequency rates have dropped 50% in the past 5 years (measured on the basis of claims per $1 million of inflation adjusted payroll).–NATIONAL MANUFACTURING AND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY